Sanctuary Cities and State

California’s sanctuary cities and sanctuary state laws are an abomination of justice for American citizens and for vulnerable communities all over California. Politicians supporting these laws seek to score cheap political points while blood spills on the streets and dangerous criminals remain at large. The federal government must do all it can to force California and its cities to comply with federal law, abide by the US Constitution, and help remove criminals from our communities. I will do everything in my power to utilize all federal pressure points and mechanisms in order to force compliance.

I commend the cities of Hesperia, Yucaipa, Barstow, and others for taking a stand against the ludicrous state law – SB 54 – which bans state and local law enforcement from cooperating with federal immigration officials – thus creating a safe haven for criminals – and I encourage other local governments to join suit. In Washington, I’m supporting bills to restore sanity and end sanctuary states and cities: