Immigration and Border Security

For America to be a strong nation, we must also have strong borders. For years, drugs, gangs, and violence have spread across our borders as too many politicians turned a blind eye to illegal immigration. Those who advocate for open borders are promoting the cause of drug cartels, terrorists, and human traffickers. Open-border advocates also do no favors for illegal immigrants with otherwise good intentions, as these individuals face extortion, assault, and robbery on their journey to the US border. Simply put: if people knew the border was closed, they would not try to cross it. Our priority must be to secure our borders and end illegal immigration to the United States. I support fully funding the Border Patrol, which is down some 2000 agents nationwide, as it was starved of resources intentionally by the Obama administration. Finally, I support a better physical barrier – a wall – and better electronic surveillance. I’ve voted for all of these priorities: