As a former educator, I support parental involvement and local control in education. That’s why I’m opposed to Common Core. Parents and the local schools that serve our communities should design curriculum, not bureaucrats in Washington.

  • Voted for S. 1177, the Every Student Succeeds Act, which improves K-12 education by reducing the federal role, restoring local control, empowering parents, and significantly rolling back mandates for common core. (S. 1177, Roll Call 665, December 2, 2015)
  • Cosponsored, H.R. 5024, the Local Control of Education Act, which prohibits the federal government from compelling a state, local agency, or school to adopt Common Core.
  • Cosponsored H.RES 476, a resolution supporting the restoration and protection of state authority and flexibility in establishing and defining academic standards and assessments and denouncing the President’s coercion of states to adopt Common Core State Standards (113th Congress).
  • Voted for H.R. 1911, the Smarter Solutions for Students Act, which removes politicians from the business of setting student loan interest rates by tying all federal student loans (except Perkins) to the market rate. This bill strengthens federal student loan programs making education more affordable for students while protecting taxpayers. (H.R 1911, Roll Call 183, May 23, 2013)