Rep. Paul Cook announces 2020 reelection campaign

Rep. Paul Cook (R-CA) announced Thursday he is running for reelection to represent California’s 8th Congressional District, which includes Mono County, Inyo County, and much of San Bernardino County.

Cook stated, “Amid some of the most difficult political times in our nation’s history, I’m running in 2020 to continue our fight for secure borders, a strong military, responsible stewardship of our public lands and resources, and affordable healthcare for all Americans. I’ll work to keep our economy strong, create American jobs, and to stand tall against those who think higher taxes and more government are the answer.

“I’ve proven I won’t waiver from the values that make our rural areas so valuable in the national conversation, but I’m also not afraid to find common ground.

“I humbly ask for the continued support of the voters of the 8th Congressional District. It’s an honor and a privilege to be your Representative in Washington DC.”

Can Paul count on your support in this fight? If so, can you back him up with a donation of $10 or more now?