Rep. Paul Cook creates Stop Sanctuary Laws Caucus

Rep. Paul Cook announced the formation of the Stop Sanctuary Laws Caucus. Along with fellow conservatives Rep. Tom McClintock, Rep. Doug LaMalfa, and Rep. Mo Brooks, Cook founded the caucus to stand up for secure borders and oppose state and local efforts to protect criminal aliens from deportation. Cook will also serve as chairman of the caucus.

Cook stated, “These sanctuary policies allow dangerous criminals to victimize the innocent, endangering the lives of legal residents and preying most heavily on immigrant communities. No one wins with these policies, especially in neighborhoods where proponents of sanctuary policies claim these misguided laws are necessary.”

The caucus will take the lead on efforts to overturn and block sanctuary laws such as California’s “Sanctuary State” policy and ensure that federal immigration laws are vigorously enforced nationwide.

Cook continued, “The American people are tired of politicians who protect criminals at the expense of law-abiding Americans. As the founder and chairman of the Stop Sanctuary Laws Caucus, I’ll work closely with President Trump to enforce the law and end the sanctuary policies that put our country at risk.”