Inyo County Republican Party endorses Paul Cook for Congress

BISHOP – Colonel Paul Cook (ret.) announced that the Inyo County Republican Party has endorsed him in his race for California’s 8th Congressional District. The Inyo County Republican Party released the following statement:

“The Inyo County Republican Party is proud to endorse our conservative Republican Representative, Colonel Paul Cook (ret.). Colonel Cook is dedicated to protecting our liberty and will fight to ensure that the people of Inyo County, not Washington DC, has the leading voice in determining how public lands are used. He’s voted to cut budgets for Congress, stop Syrian and Iraqi refugees, and bring government spending under control. We’re proud to support his election.”

Cook stated, “Inyo County is a special place; its resources, beauty, and history are tremendous, and the residents are some of the truest Americans you’ll find. I’m proud to earn the endorsement of the Inyo County Republican Party, and I vow to uphold the conservative values they hold dear. And I’ll continue making federal land issues a priority. Locals deserve the strongest voice in determining public land uses — just as I’ve done with my bill for Alabama Hills — and I’ll continue fighting the unelected bureaucrats in Washington who want to dictate to rural areas perverse interpretations of ‘right and wrong.'”