Crime Victims United of California endorses Paul Cook for Congress

APPLE VALLEY – Colonel Paul Cook (ret.) announced that Crime Victims United of California (CVUC) has endorsed him in his race for California’s 8th Congressional District. CVUC released the following statement on his endorsement:

Dear Congressman Cook,

On behalf of Crime Victims United of California (CVUC), it is my pleasure to inform you of our endorsement in your campaign for Congress.

As you know, CVUC is a bi-partisan, statewide organization comprised of victims of crime, law enforcement officials, legal professionals and others who work to protect and enhance public safety. These professionals, along with CVUC, work to promote effective crime reduction measures and strengthen the rights of crime victims. Based on your interview and/or strong philosophical support for our issues, we have unanimously endorsed your campaign.

Harriet Salarno

Cook stated, “I stand with families, I stand with victims of crime, and I stand with law enforcement. The endorsement of Crime Victims United means a lot to me, and I’m honored to receive it.”