Colonel Paul Cook (ret.) releases statement on Trump nomination

APPLE VALLEY – Colonel Paul Cook (ret.) released the following statement regarding Donald Trump, the presumptive GOP presidential nominee:

“Republican voters nationwide have spoken, and it’s clear Donald Trump has earned the nomination. He’s tapped into the discontent and frustration pent up over the last eight years, and he represents an alternative to the normal political channels that have turned off so many Americans. I will support Donald Trump just as I have supported every Republican presidential nominee. While we don’t agree on every subject, our country can’t afford Hillary Clinton as President. We have too many challenges, and she represents a continuation of the Obama policies that have harmed our nation.

“To win and to be an effective president, Donald Trump must pick a vice presidential nominee and cabinet members with the experience, perspective, and appeal to balance out the ticket. I hope he will do so before the Republican National Convention in July.”