Jobs & Economic Prosperity


Government doesn't create jobs, the private sector does. Too often, government gets in the way of job creation. We can get this economy moving again by simplifying the tax code; lowering taxes; encouraging investment; getting wasteful spending under control; developing energy resources in America; and reducing government red tape and bureaucracy.

Tax Reform


I will oppose any increases in taxes, and I will oppose any new tax. As a local lawmaker, I have earned a 100% anti-tax rating six years in a row, and that proven record will not change in Congress. We need fundamental tax reform immediately. Our current system is too complicated and is a drain on the US economy. I support replacing our current code with one that is simple, fair, and reduced.

The Budget & Debt


The national debt of the US is out of control, having risen to over $15 trillion dollars. This fiscal crisis now threatens even our national security. We must act today to ensure our nation's strength and economic vitality today and for the future.

The federal budget should be like a family's budget. You shouldn't spend more than you take in. I support making significant cuts in spending that will reduce the budget deficit and enforce spending caps that will put spending on a path to balanced budget.

National Defense


America's Armed Forces must be ready to face threats to freedom and democracy, both today and tomorrow. Congress should give them the tools necessary to thwart Iran's nuclear ambitions, face down extremists and fanatics worldwide, and stand strong with Israel.



I have always been pro-life, and I always will be. I am against abortion. I am also in support of requiring parental notification before an underage abortion. A child contemplating an abortion needs the moral advice of a parent, not only for the sake of the unborn but for her sake as well.



After serving 26 years in the Marine Corps, I vowed to make veterans and military families a top priority in public office. I've never wavered in that commitment. In a changing world and with major challenges facing veterans young and old, you deserve a Congressman who understands firsthand the importance of keeping our military strong; someone who will honor and serve veterans; someone who will never forget their sacrifices.



Ours is a nation of laws. I am opposed to illegal immigration. The federal government has failed in its duty to secure our borders. I'll do what's necessary to make our borders secure.

Social Security & Medicare

social security

We must keep the promises made to seniors. Therefore, we need to make sure these systems are sustainable in the long term.